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Not sure if you're qualified? Apply anyway - but strategically

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Ever clicked on an intriguing job post that you’re sure is a perfect fit, only to find it reads like a recipe with too many ingredients, most of which you’ve never heard of before?

You’re not alone. Many job-seekers find themselves discouraged when faced with a heavy employer wish list. But don’t get too down! Instead of clicking away, cursing Adobe Suites with your fist in the air, we encourage you to apply anyway.

A good rule of thumb: if you have three quarters (75%) of the desired knowledge or characteristics - and yes, this includes soft skills like solid time management & a personable nature - then, you should go for it; especially in a less sizeable talent pool, like that of Red Deer (& area).

The fact is, many employers will train the right candidate, so even if you don’t have every Microsoft Office feature under your belt, you could still be a desirable employee. The tide is turning, and employers are having to focus more on the creation and maintenance of a strong corporate culture, meaning that employee benefits, job satisfaction and the overall feeling of what it’s like to work at a certain company are beginning to replace a time-worn ‘customer is always right’ philosophy. In other words, how well you fit into the culture and established team could mean more to your employer than your lack of Photoshop skills.

Of course, if you have these skills, don’t neglect to highlight them, giving them priority of placement in your resume and mentioning in your cover letter the many ways in which you can cater to the employer’s listed expectations. And if you don’t have all of the skills required, feel free to call attention to that fact; for instance, you may not have relevant HR experience, but do exhibit proven on-the-job learning and an eager willingness to improve company performance on the front lines. For some employers, attitude makes all the difference - it’ll be what keeps the culture and brand strong, and the rest of the team motivated, just like you.

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In closing: Where there’s a will, there’s a way - and if you are really interested in the position, give it your best shot (a certain Gretzky quote comes to mind here). We’d be happy to help you highlight your strong points and relate strategically what you have yet to learn; the go-getter attitude, though, is up to you.

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