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Career advising

Educational consultation


Career Assessments, Resumes,

Cover Letters, C.V.'s

Job Search, Interview Preparation,

LinkedIn profiles

Extended business hours. Evening and weekend appointments available upon request


Knowledgeable and experienced professionals 


What we do

Career Catalysts Inc. operates as a catalyst to help people create change in their lives. Our goal is to assist young and mature job seekers with career exploration and development by identifying their strengths, interests, values, and skills. Through consultation, we increase the employability of clients while providing them with a better understanding of themselves and the resources related to career exploration and attainment. We want to help you get THE job, rather than a job —​ we care about the difference one word can make. 

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Before the interview

What we provide

  • Personalized career and employment consultations

  • Career assessments

  • Post Secondary and Professional Development consultation

  • Resume, Cover Letter and C.V development

  • Job Search and Interview preparation

  • LinkedIn profiles

Why work with us


  • Are you faced with the question, "What next?" We can help launch you into a career path by finding answers to your educational and long-term career inquiries.

Life changes

  • Priorities change as life moves forward. Our Career and Employment Consultants are skilled at identifying your strengths and talents and will help you re-enter the job market with confidence in your abilities. 


  • Whether you are just heading into or coming out of it, retirement is far more flexible now than it used to be. We work with you to identify your values and create a new vision that allows you to pursue your passions in life.

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"I would highly recommend Ann and Career Catalysts if you want to update your resume. I had decided to go back to school and needed a resume update to apply for jobs once I completed my course. Ann was very professional and worked with me via Zoom to make sure all of my important attributes were included. She made sure my resume was perfect and the best representation of myself and my qualities. After applying for a position, I received a job interview request within a few days and have since been offered a job. Take the time to invest in yourself and it will pay off. I couldn't be happier." Lori.

"I got the position today! All of your information and tips came into play, making me confident and prepared for the interview day. Many of the questions asked were similar to those you prepared me for. Today I got the call! I had such a great and positive turnout with Career Catalysts of Central Alberta."


"I asked Ann from Career Catalysts to assist me in preparing my resume as it had been at least 15 years since I had applied for a job. The first job I applied for using this resume I was shortlisted, interviewed, and offered my dream position. I cannot tell you enough how helpful and encouraging she was, with lots of tips for me on what to expect from the interview process. I know that without her help I would still be looking for that great position. Thanks again, Ann!"

"I thought I had a pretty good resume, maybe could have used a little tweaking though. From my first meeting with Ann and some back and forth discussions I was so impressed with the passion she had for the work she does. In a very short period of time she totally transformed my resume into a powerful document that I can’t wait to send to the next employer. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for employment rightnow, especially in this really tough labour climate, to give her a call. You will be impressed!"   Brian

"Ann has been of great help with the busy process of job searching and application, through assisting with sorting through the list to find  jobs that will aid me in the future, and showing me how to do the same.

Providing insight on how to maximize the effectiveness of websites such as indeed and various job boards.

Also through providing excellent help with reworking my resume and cover letter to stand out from the many other resumes companies would receive. All while being very responsive to any inquiries I’ve had."    Tait 

"Ann's professionalism and expertise is unmatched. The overall quality of the experience was extremely productive and educational. This type of service should be sought after by anyone who needs career guidance and assistance."  Bryce

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